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Welcome to Drip' N Go Hydration – Your Ultimate Wellness Partner During Your Vacation!

Drip’ N Go Hydration is not just a service; it’s a commitment to enhancing your travel experience. We specialize in making your stay extraordinary by providing tailored IV hydration and IM vitamin shots, specially curated for short-term rental guests like you. 

Why Drip' N Go Hydration?

Traveling, though exciting, can often leave you feeling less than your best. This is where we step in. Our IV bags and IM shots are perfect for:

Combatting Travel Fatigue:

Revitalize after long journeys with our hydration treatments. 

Elevating Your Holiday Experience: Boost your energy levels and overall wellness to make the most of your vacation. 

Recovery from Celebrations:

Rehydrate and replenish essential nutrients lost in those unforgettable party nights.

Exclusive Offer Just for You – Enjoy $20 Off Every IV Bag!

Drip’ N Go Hydration believes in providing exceptional care without the hefty price tag. That’s why our services are competitively priced, offering you the best in hydration therapy at rates that won’t strain your wallet. Our commitment to affordability, coupled with premium service, sets us apart from other mobile IV businesses. As a token of our gratitude for choosing your current rental, Drip’ N Go Hydration is excited to offer an exclusive $20.00 discount on every IV bag you order during your stay. This special promotion is crafted to enrich your vacation experience and to thank you for your patronage. Please note that this exclusive discount applies solely to our range of invigorating IV bags, ensuring you get the best of hydration therapy at a more accessible price. While IM shots are not included in this offer, we invite you to explore our variety of IV treatments, perfect for rejuvenating, re-energizing, and replenishing your wellness needs. Embrace this unique opportunity to enhance your stay with premium hydration care, now even more affordable. Your journey to wellness and relaxation is just an order away! 

Need Immediate Hydration Therapy?

Text Katie Now!

Looking for quick and personalized hydration care right where you are? Simply text Katie, and we’ll check the availability of our nurses to come directly to you. Katie is dedicated to responding as soon as possible to ensure we can meet your needs promptly and efficiently. To help us serve you better, please text Katie at (458)205-1557 with the following details: 

Our IV Bags

Tsunami Surge
$260.00 (exclusive offer - $20.00) NOW $240.00
Hibiscus Heal
$210.00 (exclusive offer - $20.00) NOW $190.00
Island Glow
$215.00 (exclusive offer - $20.00) NOW $195
Reef Recovery
$210.00 (exclusive offer - $20.00) NOW $190.00
Wave Wellness
$230.00 (exclusive offer - $20.00) NOW $210.00
Seashell Shield
$200.00 (exclusive offer - $20.00) NOW $180.00
Tropical Boost
$210.00 (exclusive offer - $20.00) NOW $190.00
Slimming Sunset
$210.00 (exclusive offer - $20.00) NOW $190.00
Tide Pool
$149.00 (exclusive offer - $20.00) NOW $129.00

Our IM Shots

Sun Kissed C Boost
Mineral Mist Injection
Mango Muscle Amino Injection
Jungle Juice VitaMix injection